Short Videos

How we feel pain

presented by George Sideris-Lampretsas (ESR1) Xhoana Lama (ESR2) and Rita Silva (ESR12)

Have you ever wondered what pain is, and how we feel it? Why not watch this video compiled by three of our ESRs, George, Xhoana and Rita to find out the answers to these and more questions.

Writing in Sciences”-Early Stage Researcher online training

by Joana Lama ESR2

New treatments for chronic pain

presented by Silvia Fanton (ESR3); Joana Menezes (ESR4); Zerina Kurtovic (ESR5)

Find out how chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis can be modelled in mice to help us investigate the causes and new treatments for these conditions.

What are Lyosomes

presented by Jeiny Luna-Choconta (ESR6)

Find out what lysosomes are and how dysfunction of their storage capacity leads to painful conditions like Fabry disease.

Mechanisms of spinal neuroinflammation and spinal hyperexcitability in models of joint inflammation

presented by Anutosh Roy (ESR7)

If you have followed the science so far it is now time to move into a more complex talk about spinal neuroinflammation and some of the molecules involved in pain.

How the central nervous system works

presented by Fátima Gimeno-Ferrer (ESR8)

Let Fátima introduce you to the different cells types that make up our central nervous system and how they work together to maintain its function.

Schwann cells: helpers of our feelings

presented by Patricia Laura García Fernández (ESR9)

Learn how your body responds to pain when you prick your finger on a rose thorn and why some people feel pain even without this trigger.

Medical Marihuana

presented by Cristiana Dumbraveanu (ESR10)

Have you ever wondered how medical marijuana can relieve pain? Watch this video to find out.

Video interviews with Principal Investigators

Chronic Pain in Musculoskeletal disorders like Osteoarthritis

Hans-Georg Schaible, Director of the Institute of Physiology from the University of Jena describes the impact of chronic pain on people living with musculoskeletal disorders and the prospects for better treating this.

How Pain Impacts on People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Susan Duty interviews Clive Ballard to hear about the difficulties in diagnosing and managing pain in people with Alzheimer’s disease and how the TOBeATPAIN network programme hopes to positively impact upon this.

Pain in Parkinson’s disease

Susan Duty interviews Ray Chaudhuri to find out how pain is of relevance in Parkinson’s disease which is classically known for its effects on people’s ability to move

Pain Research Forum Podcast on Pain in Parkinson’s disease

Prof K Ray Chaudhuri and Yazead Buhidma, PhD student with Professors Duty and Malcangio, are interviewed by Jayden O’Brien, PhD student at the University of Sydney.

Exploring Fibromyalgia

Susan Duty interviews Eva Kosek to discover more about the condition known as fibromyalgia and to hear about the fascinating plans for Eva and colleagues’ work being undertaken as part of the TOBeATPAIN project.

Secondment Reviews

Silvia Fanton reviews her one-month secondment to MABTECH in Stockholm working with Dr Steffan Paulie, Chief Executive. Read the Review

Silvia’ s four month secondment with Prof. Camilla Svensson at KanceraRead the Review

Patricia García Fernández ESR9 reviews her three month Secondment to the Institute of Physiology I, Jena, Germany, with Dr. Andreas Ebersberger and her scientific visit to Bionorica.

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